Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ruminations on Allen & Boole

(Typecast via Corona 4. Images via Lumix G1 w/20mm-F/1.7 lens)

About Woody Allen's typewriter.
About George Boole.
About Kevin Kelly's Technium.


Blogger Richard P said...

A fascinating entry.

I believe Woody Allen's typewriter is an Olympia SM of some kind. I like his technique, which allows one to peel away layers of writing -- and of course, his original typescripts can be studied by film historians long after digital files would be lost, corrupted or of suspect authenticity.

I checked out the Lomokino site. Wonderful. Hope you will digitize some of your Lomocreations and share them here.

And I can't do justice right now to your thought-provoking concepts of Boolean vs. mensurate. The philosophical roots of computer technology go deep (Leibniz invented a calculating machine and worked on binary notation). It's curious that while computers build up our "fuzzy" world from countless little absolute yesses and nos, quantum physics builds up our "solid" world from countless little possiblys and maybes.

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