Friday, June 09, 2006

Welcome To Joe's Blog

Like many folks who now blog as a pasttime, our once paper-only habit of journalling has now arrived full force into the future that is now. Once there was the Diary. A personal, private matter, intended only for one's inner Muse. Then came the Journal. Personal, yes, but intended for thoughtful perusal by historians, or others of interest, in the future.

I have a scattered assortment of journals. Sketch journals, documenting an internal thought-life of varied interests, scattered between various notebooks, PDA records and file cards, in some semi-abstract assortment, the kind of careless disorganization that only a schooled historian would find interest in deciphering.

Its not that I'm inherently disorganized. Its just that I find fascination with the physicality of a new-found journal notebook, or PDA system, or filecard journalling system, and stick with it for a time. Until my interest moves on to another journalling system. Attempting a chronology of my journals would therefore find one flipping back and forth between the pages of various journalling systems.

So perhaps this initial entry into my blog will mark a new era in my personal journalling history, where I can begin to refer back to some repetitive themes of my past. And perhaps you, the reader, will find some interest here, too.

Ultimately, I suspect the popularity of blogs (or journals) has more to do with the interest most of us secretly harbor in seeing our inner thought life outwardly displayed, for others to read and ponder.


Blogger deltafour1212 said...

Hello Joe, you talked about a Foam Core Camera and Foam core film holder

I was wondering if you have any pictures of the 2?

I am very interested in how to made you made the Film holder and if you have pictures of it?



7:19 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

What’s a blogger in 2023 think of his first post from 2006?

7:36 PM  

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