Monday, July 20, 2009

"The Line Writer" -- My Grandson's Blog

I've purchased my Grandson an old Hermes 3000 manual typewriter, with which to begin typing and typecasting.

He's nine years old, going on ten. Very much a boy. So it's been interesting to see him begin to explore the world of printed words on paper, especially when he's the one doing the printing.

Then he wanted to have his own blog. Due to his young age, I wanted control of his blog, and also to screen any feedback, so we created his blog under my Blogger account. Initially he wanted to name his blog after a Beatle's song, but I explained that all the good titles are already taken as blog names. So he decided on "The Line Writer," a variation on the song title "Paperback Writer."

I'll try and post his typings as soon as he gets them to me, and also include either recent photos of him, or scans of his artwork.

Noah's blog can be found at The Line Writer.

Enjoy, and please give us both feedback.

~Joe (aka Grandpa Joe)


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