Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wax Casting, Color Casting and Pinhole Paper Negatives

Note to those interested in trying this: I fold a sheet of paper in half, place the wax paper inside the sandwich, then type on the outside. A thin watercolor wash is applied to the side of the paper under the wax. Use a wide, flat brush, don't get it very wet (no puddling) and very little pressure, else you'll obliterate the wax letters, as is evident from the experiment above.

I found several interesting paper negatives from my archives (taken with a cardboard box pinhole camera fashioned from one of those felt-covered video storage boxes found at Hobby Lobby), 8"x10" format. The subject matter was chosen to offset the scene in my backyard. These two images are merely examples with what can be done with this method. I shot these scenes using my Lumix G1, then inverted the tones in Photoshop. I also cropped them to square format -- my favorite aspect ratio for photos.


PS: Check out my Grandson's blog The Line Writer, where he has typecast on top of a water color wash applied previously and dried.


Blogger Strikethru said...

Your history with photography shows, the pictures of your grandson are wonderful. He will treasure them later.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Duffy Moon said...

Love what you've done here. Fantastic ideas. Gotta try that wax paper thingummy.
Also: I constructed a cardboard box pinhole camera, but have yet to use it (it was designed for paper negatives, something I've never tried before and have been afraid to attempt). I have taken a few rolls with a converted 35mm pinhole hack, with some very minimal success.

6:47 PM  
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