Friday, September 18, 2009

Typecasting On the Road

I'm typecasting on the road; the image for this blog entry was captured in Trinidad, Colorado, using my Lumix G1. The typecasting was done at my Aunt's house in Colorado Springs, using her ancient Royal typewriter. Since I didn't have a scanner available, I simply took a picture of the typewritten pages using my G1, in less than ideal lighting I might add; thus the images aren't the best quality, but there you have it.

I drove across Colorado into Utah on Friday, hoping to get a hotel room in Moab, but alas there was a massive bicycling thing going on, so all the hotel rooms in the SE corner of Utah are full up. I ended staying the night in Dove Creek, Colorado, from where I'm posting this blog entry.

Until later,

Joe (On the Road)


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