Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Photo Safari Afternoon

"Entrance": Behind Winning Coffee, after having drank a cup.

"Only": In the alley behind Saggio's Pizza.

"Rant": Behind Saggio's Pizza, a familiar photography subject of mine.

"No": The alley behind the US Post Office.

"Pairs": During my walk down Silver Ave. from where I parked are many subtle, elusive images.

"Chair": Another student rental house near UNM.

"Trio": These overtly numbered trash containers I've eyed for a while; they take on various appearances depending on the light.

"Angela": And Charles. I spotted their "tag" in numerous locations up and down Silver Ave.

"Porch": This two-story rental keeps asking to be captured photographically.

"Welcome": A daycare center just down the street from Winning Coffee.

"Tips": In Winning Coffee was this music case. But no musician. Hmm...

"DOT": This gentleman I've talked with several times. He has a long, rambling story about his motorscooter. And he likes to feed the pigeons.

"Kerry": Every ashtray on the patio tables at Winning's are unique.

"Alarmed": In the alley adjacent to a Chinese restaraunt.

(All images captured with Lumix G1, 20mm-f/1.7 lens, developed in SilkyPix from RAW)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I especially like "Angela," "Welcome," and "Kerry." Great pictures.

8:19 AM  

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