Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Downtown Winter Stroll

The Daily Grind: Just a stroll from The Line Writer's home, serving fresh pastry, coffee, breakfast and lunch

Fence: A stroll through the hundred-year-old neighborhood of the Huning Heights


Audiophiles: A musical connoisseur and his new devote

Noodle: Constantly changing tenants in this old building, once the H.S. Kress building, where my Dad worked after WWII

Mobile: Sometimes grabbing a street portrait involves the artifice of an intervening object in the foreground

7-Eleven: An unusual sight in downtown Albuquerque, a place to buy food and drink at all hours

Steps: A warm nap on a cold day, nighttime is the hardest on the homeless

Toddler: The Line Writer's little brother

Pose: Despite his more serious auteur-like disposition, The Line Writer has been known to ham it up

Genie: An abandoned building in downtown Albuquerque, a lone chair as sentinel

Trio: Including the Line Writer, in a street composition along Central Ave.

Albuquerque's torn down many historic buildings in the name of modernization, but a few remain

The Line Writer, checking out some autographs

The Pop-N-Taco, next to my old family home, the Sheer-Van Cleave house, now a lawyer's office

Alongside Farina's Pizza

Picket: Returning from our walk


Blogger Strikethru said...

Thanks for taking us along on the walk, I always love your photographs and really admire your skill.

The line writer looks very distinguished in his corduroy coat!

10:37 AM  
Blogger Joe V said...

Thank you. He's currently on a fine clothing kick, which we're ever happy to encourage, rather than gansta'-style duds. The boy does clean up pretty good, huh? Of course, he's only ten; we're waiting to see what happens with all of this in a few more years. But I think there's still hope. I think Mark Twain had some humorous quip related to teenagers, I'll have to look it up.


11:29 AM  

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