Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's With the Pictures?

Ah, yes; I'm a freeloader on Photobucket, and because of the plethora of photos I've uploaded this last month, I've exceeded my monthly allocation.

I'm also nearing my storage limit on Flickr, also a freeloader account.

So I'm at the place where I have to decide which of these two photo-hosting services (if any) I will pay to upgrade to a "Pro" account.

Or, I could just wait until January 24, when my Photobucket images will reappear. Then I'll have more time to decide.

In the meantime, you can enjoy reading past blog entries of mine that aren't typecast, and view past images uploaded directly to Blogger.

I also have the option of just uploading directly to Blogger from henceforth, but the limitation with Blogger is on image size; with typecast images it's nice to make them big, so they can be easily read.

In other news, I've started a Sci-Fi piece; was sitting at Winning Coffee about 3 weeks ago and it just came to me. Sort of inspired by rereading William Gibson's Neuromancer. Not sure if this is gonna be an extra-long short story or a novellete. It's around 20 pages of 1.5 spaced typing, and only now nearing the climax; not sure of the word count. I also have not planned the story out in advance, so I'm breaking all the basic rules about good writing.

Perhaps if my photo situation remains tenuous, I'll just post chapters of the new work in installments. Later.


PS: The image at the top of this entry is a pinhole camera shot, onto B/W photo paper, from atop the Sandstone Overlook at the El Malpais National Monument in western New Mexico. Miles and miles of lava fields. "El Malpais" is spanish for something like "bad lands", especially if you had to ride across it on horseback. Ouch.


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