Wednesday, July 07, 2010

July 4th List-Making

I haven't typecast in a while, and so figured it was nigh time. And being inspired by Monda's call for list-making, this is what ended up being jotted down in my notebook, via Pelikan M100 fountain pen, while seated at the counter in the Range Cafe in Bernalillo, New Mexico on Sunday morning, July 4th.

My grandson, The Line Writer, and I took a motorcycle ride that morning (for those interested, it's a Suzuki Intruder 800 converted to a trike; and yes, he has his own helmet), riding up along the edge of the Sandia Mountains on Tramway Road, then down along highway 313 through the Sandia Reservation to Bernalillo, where we stopped for breakfast at the Range Cafe. We both had our writer's bags, equipped with pens and notebooks. He's discovered Moleskine Cahiers; I'll have to nudge him to get a post out for his blog.

And so, between mouthfulls of Huevo Rancheros on blue corn tortillas, and great coffee, I managed to pen a short list of observations noted during our ride. I've found it interesting that there's a very narrow line between list-making and poetry; one could argue that a poem could be little more than a list of stanzas.

Once home from our Sunday ride, I took my list into the office and found the remnants of a roll of adding machine paper (there's got to be a Sniglett word for the end of the roll that gets the pink-colored lines). I have a holder that permits rolls of adding machine paper to be used for note-taking. So this remnant was just the ticket, which I threaded up in the Underwood Universal.

Thanks for the inspiration, Monda.



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Blogger Monda said...

You're entirely welcome, Joe. I'm crazy about this list poem, and beg you to do this often.

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