Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Turquoise Trail Photo Tour

A drive up the Turquoise Trail, through the towns of Madrid, Gallisteo and Lamy, New Mexico. The little town of Madrid, a former mining town, then ghost town, is now a touristy little hangout for artists, New Agers, bikers and folks of all sizes and colors. Filled with galleries, boutique shops and a mere handfull of eateries, it's a little slice of heaven.
In front of the Java Junction in Madrid, where one can find great coffee, a hangout for locals and also a little Bed & Breakfast.
Bad coffee indeed sucks, but you won't find it here. In the background, one of the many miners shacks, long since abandoned, and then given a new lease on life, starting in the early 1970s when the ghost town was reinhabited by new spirits.
Let it ... marinate or slide; you get to choose.
An abandoned chess game at the Java Junction. They'll be back.
Sky Fabin, one of the original resettlers of Madrid, who's made a documentary film about the town's long-standing residents.
A drive through windy and dusty roads led me to Lamy, site of a small Amtrak station that services nearby Santa Fe.

And that was the end of my short photo tour, during which I also took a handfull of large format pinhole photographs. Perhaps for another day.



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