Sunday, October 03, 2010

Inner Space

My new Starship to the hidden world of Inner Space, a Minolta MD macro extension bellows, used via a Minolta MD - to - Micro-Four-Thirds adapter ring onto a Lumix G1 camera. Shown with 58mm - F/1.2 Rokkor-X lens mounted.

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What we call "milk weed," a common yard pest, I would not have guessed possesses such minute but beautiful flowers. What small insects must inhabit these flora in order to pollinate such tiny buds.

A humble, abandoned snail shell displays such interesting color and form when examined under the scrutiny of the Starship to Inner Space.

These tiny twigs fall in droves from our cedar trees, covering the landscape, and appear like pieces of All-Bran cereal to the unaided eye. But under closer scrutiny they reveal a new world of interesting detail.

Our evergreen shrubs are blighted by what we call "scale" every year; much to my surprise these tiny white specks, upon closer examination, appear to be insect larvae, insinuating a new course of action next spring.


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