Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Afternoon Pinhole Trek

(Half Zia Gate)

(Pinata Girl)


(Train Engine)

(General Repair)

(City Park)

(City Park)

(Typecast via Corona 4)

Technical Note:
Pinhole camera images exposed onto preflashed grade 2 RC photo paper in F240 cigar box camera; processed in paper developer; then scanned and reversed, tones inverted, spotted and curves adjusted in Photoshop.


Blogger Cameron said...

I love being able to visit a blog and then absorb every typewritten word, visual as well as the thought behind it, and then look at the atmospheric pictures taken by a cigar box camera.

This is what I would call a QUALITY experience. Thank you for sharing your art.

My brother Chris was stationed at Kirtland from 1967 and retired 30 years later, but continued to live in ALQ until 2001. It's always fascinating to see pictures of that area.

9:46 PM  

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