Friday, March 15, 2013

A Long Way to the Pup-N-Taco



Post-Script: Photographically, I'm still amazed that this medium-format color print film puts out such brilliant colors when ran through these cheap plastic toy cameras, like the Holga GFN used here. I don't remember seeing this kind of color when using 35mm film in toy cameras. Typecast via Olympia SM-9.


Anonymous Derek Durst said...

I'm sure you know that Subway now wants to take over the old building and continue its drive-thru tradition and a few of us are supportive of that as it would serve to preserve the building and to help continue a constantly disappearing Route 66 Albuquerque landscape but, I fear it is a losing battle as the EDO condo developers and, surprisingly, the Huning Highlands Historical Society would rather see it destroyed and replaced by some generic non-building with even more empty storefronts that this neighborhood decidedly doesn't need. And so it goes. Derek Durst, 208 Edith Blvd, SE

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