Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mental Photography







Post-Script: While this project started out as a combination performance art and civic protest, it ended up being an exploration into the most private form of image-making possible. In that regard, perhaps I should create a new Like-A, the Model II, that instead of trying to appear to be a faux-camera, can instead be much simpler in design, like a simple cardboard box with an open frame in the front and viewing hole in the back, and a simple snapper device with which to resonate on the box so as to make a shutter-like sound. If I do pursue this new project, I will be sure to share with you the results, including detailed descriptions of all the wonderful images I captured, mentally of course. Typecast via Olympus SM9, images via Lumix G5.


Blogger Richard P said...

Fascinating. The Like-A records nothing, but spurs you to remember. In contrast, the Memoto records your life every 30 seconds, disburdening you of the need to actually remember it.

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Blogger Rob Bowker said...


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