Monday, October 27, 2014

Humble Coffee

Humble Coffee


Post-Script: The place is so small, and its hard floors and walls reflective enough, that I'm hesitant to bring a typewriter for the distracting noise to the other patrons it might cause. Although the thought of doing so outdoors, along the north-facing entryway sidewalk might work, provided I do it soon enough, before the weather turns cold for the season.

This photo I took with my wife's Samsung Galaxy 4 phone, which I processed a bit in-phone (HDR mode, then a bit of brightness and contrast adjustment), then emailed to myself, after which I did a bit more processing (mainly rotating and resizing) in Filterstorm on the old iPad 2, before uploading to Flickr. I do like the touchscreen interface and camera quality of the G4, though the display does get washed out in bright sun. Typecast via SCM Galaxy 12. Gawd, I love this machine!


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