Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Slow Fading Away


(1) High Strange New Mexico link
(2) The Atomic Bomb Movie link
(3) The Atomic Cafe link
(4) Citizen's Band link
(5) The Last Broadcast link
(6) The Blair Witch Project link
(7) Basement Films link
(8) Video Toaster link
(9) JVC HR-S9800U link
(10)Tyco Kid's Cam link
(11)Fisher-Price Pixelvision link
(12)Dogma 95 Manifesto link


Post-Script: What I failed to mention was that, at the height of my experimental video art fetish, I had the opportunity to teach a seminar on DIY video making, sponsored by Basement Films. Below is a photo of the seminar poster, which I have framed and hanging in my Man Cave shed.

It's also worth mentioning that I had the pleasure of watching this poster get created, by a master of the Xerox machine flyer and then Basement Films head honcho, Keif Henley, currently the owner/operator of the Guild Cinema in Albuquerque. We went to a local Kinko's store, where he proceeded to create this composition, face-down on the glass of a copy machine, right then and there in the store. He then had a PMT master made behind the counter, after which numerous copies of the flier were run off.

Photos via Fujifilm X10, typecast via Smith-Corona Galaxy 12.



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