Monday, November 10, 2014

Another Convert?


Typecast010(1) Link

Post-Script: Of course, it is mere presumption to assume that he will take to fountain pens as I did. I can certainly see the convenience of sticking with one's tried-and-true writing solution, such as his Bic Cristals. And fountain pens do have their finickiness, such as their writing quality being sensitive to both ink and paper selection. But I think the possibility of seeing another Fountain Pen Convert in our midst is worth the risk.

Photo via Fujifilm X10; typecast via SCM Galaxy 12.


Blogger Rob Bowker said...

Beware presumptions BUT I'm sure your forecast is spot-on. I have only converted two to the Way of Safari, but I can think of a dozen others who'd have a fresh smile on their faces if they got one for Christmas.

11:10 AM  

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