Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Man Cave Musings



Post-Script: The Man Cave can get warm in the summer, with only a fan to keep cool, and an electric space heater does a passable job in the winter, so I wouldn't want to store a manual typewriter here year-round, but it's a great place to get away, relax, listen to music, write or surf the Internet (via WiFi). Here's a closeup of the former colander now converted to an overhead light fixture.


Photos via Lumix G5. Typecast via Smith-Corona Silent.


Blogger Ted said...

Nice Cave, and good job on the light fixture. It vibes pretty mid-century, indeed! (:

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Vince said...

Great man cave. The speakers are always a must and its really awesome all the individual touches that you added. the colander as a light looks great.

11:17 AM  

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