Sunday, April 19, 2015

Twenty Minute Selfie



Post-Script: Even with the trouble of the printing filter getting wet, this session was quick, and the results satisfying. I've made no effort to clone stamp the dust spots off the print; some of these are actually from my scanner, as looking at the print in hand, it appears very clean.

I know I'm going to have to get a kit of supplies together, for doing this out in the field. One idea I've had is building a platform that rests on the tripod's three support struts, between the center column and legs, that would provide for a storage shelf. Moving all of this in one trip from my car will still be a challenge. I think I can carry all the small stuff in a backpack, with the camera atop the tripod in one hand and a folding stool in the other.

Here's a shot of how I supported the focusing target in front of the lens, via a wooden yardstick. I first sat on the stool, with the tripod's height adjusted to center the lens on my face, and adjusted the stool to make the string tight at my eyes. Then I attached the string to the yardstick and focused it by gazing into the rear access door.P1100060a

And here's me holding the focusing target on my temple, adjacent to my eyes. And holding my Lumix G5 with my left hand, to make this image; the G5's fold-out LCD screen is indispensable for these kinds of shots. For the actual portrait, I had the focusing target in my left hand and shutter release cable in my right. I stretched the string tight, moved my head into position, lowered my left hand and tripped the shutter.P1100061a

Typecast via Smith-Corona Silent.


Blogger Bill M said...

That is some quite creative and good work Joe. The selfie is quite good.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Richard P said...

Excellent! I'm reminded a bit of Avedon's "In the American West."

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's something really special about the photos you are making with this box camera. The portaits especially. You have inspired me to take my old SLR out and about with me again.

12:40 PM  

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