Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Creepy or Fancy?



Post-Script: Yes, I'm being less than generous. I'm sure there are good business reasons why one store in a chain might be worse than others. Perhaps that store is used for training new employees, or they hire a disproportionate number of disabled in that one location in order to fulfill some mandatory hiring guidelines for the entire chain. But still, it is a fun place to go when shopping for groceries, a chore which I usually abhor but is in fact made more pleasant by its funkiness.

Another reason why I might like the creepy store over the fancy one is that my family used to shop there, back in the mid-1960s; actually, we've been shopping there, on and off, ever since. So there's that whole sentimental thing going on.

Photo via Fujifilm X10, typecast via Smith-Corona Silent.


Blogger Phil said...

funny, I just saw a blue phone housing like the one pictured , on eBay a couple of days ago, with a starting bid of $1. But you had to pick it up in LA, seller didn't want to be bothered with shipping.

7:25 AM  

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