Sunday, June 14, 2015

Looking Forward



Post-Script: This image is one such example of a personal time capsule-like artifact, a silver gelatin print I unearthed during last week's cleaning. It was a print I had made, in 1993, in my then new darkroom from a film negative I'd exposed a few years earlier, shot at night on the UNM campus during a nocturnal footrace, the runners being ghost-like due to the long exposure time employed. I remember the adventure of exposing this negative, because it was created during an assignment for a darkroom course I was taking. Some years later I submitted this print to a photo contest held by Camera & Darkroom magazine, but alas it won no honors. Still, the value it holds is in the memories attached therein. Incidentally, the print itself has weathered the decades in fine shape, with no evidence of yellowing of the paper or degradation of the emulsion. I must have learned something during that course!

Typecast via Smith-Corona Silent.


Blogger Phil said...

Your comments really touched base. In a stack of old magazines next to my bed, is a 1949 Montgomery Ward Photographic catalog in perfect shape. There is a full page about the Kodak Ektra 35, now available for the first time following WWII. I think the camera was $235, way beyond my means in those days. Maybe I should list the catalog on eBay, then I will know whoever got it really wanted it, rather than take a chance it will end up in a landfill.

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