Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My First Week



Post-Script: I went back over to my brother's neighborhood this morning with the intent of photographing that pile of ancient televisions, but alas they'd already been picked up by whichever nonprofit agency had been dispatched; perhaps the Disabled American Veterans?

And so I had no recourse but to compose this still-life setting in my garage workshop, of a still-working Zenith 19" solid-state black & white television, that's been a fixture here for decades. There's also a 12" black & white portable, that once belonged to my mom-in-law. Despite the transition to over-the-air digital broadcasting, there remain several low-power analog UHF stations in the area. Or, a converted box could make this old TV into a funky modern remake. Perhaps the small 12" set might find itself a new life in the Man Cave, serving up artsy monochrome television broadcasting once again.

As for Nestor, he bailed out later that day, and the charges were eventually dropped.

I continued working in the TV repair field for the next twelve years, until I was able to get hired on at a semiconductor fab across town.

But I still pause to reflect, whenever I drive by some old TV relic sitting curbside awaiting its final destruction. If only, I think, if only...

Photo via Fujifilm X10, typecast via Smith-Corona Silent.


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