Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Street Stories



Post-Script: There is a wealth of resources now available online for those interested in radio stories and audio production, too many to count here, but a few notable examples might be of interest.

National Public Radio is a great place to start, the pioneer in radio stories, at least here in America.

This American Life is perhaps the best known site for radio stories as an alternative to straight news.

Studio 360 offers a great selection of well-produced stories.

Radiolab is another site that I really like, with very interesting stories that combine good writing with great audio production.

For in-depth technical and creative background on radio story production, there's no better site than Transom, where a person can gain a virtual education in the field.

Here's a link to the Sony PCM-M10 at B & H Photo.

Photo via Lumix G5, typecast via Smith-Corona Galaxy 12.


Blogger Phil said...

I have several Sony voice recorders and am amazed at the quality and features in such a small package. Each new model had a feature I didn't have, I wanted one. Like pocket calculators in the 70's. Now I am tempted to buy the combination Sony ear buds, with microphones built in. They should get true stereo sound with the natural separation, but they are also a great disguise. Strangers will think you are listening to an iPod. And they are only $20.

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