Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Falling in Love on the Phone

New-in-Box Western Electric Dial Telephone

Post-Script: How about that silk ribbon, eh? The Merc Two has a new lease on life with the Ribbons Unlimited silk ribbon.

There used to be a store in ABQ called the Sunwest Telephone Store. It was on San Pedro and Copper, across from the State Fair Grounds. Back in the late 1990s I purchased this new-in-box, never opened, Western Electric two-line dial telephone. My step-daughter wanted her own phone number, so we rigged it so she could switch to her line with the rotary switch on the phone. She's the newly married bride we celebrated in northern New Mexico this last weekend. I used this phone for years, until I had some DSL speed issues and disconnected the dial phones. Probably should plug this one back in and see how it runs.

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Anonymous Vinny said...

I fully agree. This was a topic in a course I once took: how sound immediately captures attention more than visuals. Eyes can blink and look away. Ears remain open. A distracted or focused mind can block out visuals, pushing them into the background, so to speak. Sound forms a direct connection to the mind.

By the way, there is a radio show quality to your YouTube delivery.

6:04 PM  
Blogger Bill M said...

I thought long conversations on the phone were normal. My wife and I talked for hours at a time on the phone even though we only lived a few blocks from each other. Now with all the microwave radiation from a cell phone my calls get limited to a very short time.

6:30 PM  

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