Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Dvoracek's The Pinhole of Nature

Dvoracek’s The Pinhole of Nature
The Pinhole of Nature

In my many years of practicing pinhole with paper negatives, I felt partially out of touch with Nick's practice of color negative rollfilm. But as I've matured, I can see the advantage, as he has continually documented his home and community through his blog, in a way that is simultaneously a record of the time and place he lives in, and also an art form. It's the consistency of his work that continues to impress me.

More recently, Nick has indicated he's gearing up to explore the 4x5 sheet film format, which I look forward to seeing.

Here's the link to Nick's The Pinhole of Nature.

There's also a wealth of information at the now-defunct F295 Pinhole Discussion Forum.

You can peruse an online PDF of Fox Talbot's seminal work, The Pencil of Nature, here.

Here's my video review of Nick's The Pinhole of Nature:



Blogger Bill M said...

I never gave 35mm pinhole a thought due to the small format. I like playing around with sheet film when I get time. Thanks for the links. I need to do a ton of reading since this is one facet of photography I've ignored over the years. Nice video.

7:30 AM  
Blogger DonN said...

Thank you Joe. I will be reading The Pencil of Nature soon.

12:21 PM  
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