Sunday, December 06, 2020

Typewriter Club Live!

Typewriter Club Live

I missed last week's meet-up, so was looking forward to today's. But then, during preliminary checks of my system, I discover the mic input on my Mac Mini suddenly is line-level only; two weeks ago it would detect a mic input and automatically switch. Since then, there's been a (so-called) "update" and now things are different. I ended up having to use an amplified video microphone instead, which worked okay but didn't have the sonic isolation of a lavelier mic.

After the meeting today I did some internet sleuthing but couldn't find an easy fix. Until I decided to try my Audio Technica input adapter, that combines a separate 3-pin headphone output and mic jack input into one 4-pin connector. Once plugged into the Mac's headphone jack, it worked fine. Go figure. Another good reason to check things out before hand.

I also continue to have technical issues with the HDMI connectors from my cameras, their connectors are very glitchy if the camera is moved. I need to cobble together a cable attachment that fixes that issue, because moving the camera around is important if you have to do show-and-tell with typewriters.

As I alluded to in the typing, it was difficult for me to concentrate on writing anything worthwhile, consciously knowing (?) others are watching. Maybe I should think of it more like a performance, in the way that professional entertainers and musicians are used to concentrating fully on their work, while others watch. Performance typing. Heh.

This week's meeting was different from previous ones in the sense that we did more ad hoc typing, on occassion there being little or no talking, just tapping away on our machines. That was refreshing. I especially like watching several of our members actually write letters, doing something productive.

I started the meeting with my MJ Rooy and Hermes 3000, later bringing out the Groma Kolibri and Smith-Corona 5-series electric. A fun time was had.

I encourage you to tune into the Typewriter Club on Sunday mornings at 8am Pacific Time Zone, on Gregory Short's Poor Typist channel.



Blogger Bill M said...

In the brief time I took to scan through the video it looks and sounds like everyone had a great fun time. I may have joined the watching, but I didn't know this was going on. On one had it would be nice to have a national or world even, and on the other it would also be overwhelming.

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Gregory Short said...

Oh! Thank you for sharing this. What I was typing during the live session was deemed not worthy of sharing. I was a little surprised--though I guess I shouldn't have been--how difficult it is to focus on writing in such an environment. Of course, I had the added job of producer, but that's not much more than an excuse. I enjoyed yours and appreciated your participation.

10:51 PM  
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