Monday, November 23, 2009

Early Thanksgiving Type-O-Rama

And the result of this group type-o-rama is a guest typecast from my better half, the Mrs. Joe Van Cleave:

(It must be stated here that the pre-Thanksgiving meal was more than a mere enchilada casserole; it was a New Mexico green chile and chicken enchilada casserole, along with a red chile/cheese enchilada casserole; homemade rolls; cornbread muffins; callebacitas casserole (squash, corn, onions, cheese, etc); pinto beans, tortillas, honey-baked ham; salad; dessert; etc. Everyone went away stuffed and satisfied. Oh yeah, and multiple family members got to type on my collection of various manuals. Most of it was "the quick brown fox", or variations upon "qwerty", etc. But my Better Half didn't roll her eyes too widely. And after it was all done, she inquired as to how much I thought it would take to get the little turquoise Singer Scholastic fixed up. - Editor)


Blogger Elizabeth H. said...

I think you should get the little Singer fixed up and then have your Better Half type up some of those casserole recipes. Gracious...sounds marvelous!

7:36 PM  
Blogger Strikethru said...

Boy howdy would I take that menu over the typical Thanksgiving fare any day! Sounds delicious.

12:03 AM  

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