Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Half-Frame Fullness (Redux)

*Four Corners Dark Link

Postscript: In an experimental mood, I (originally) typecast these onto colored 3x5 note cards, with the result being that my scanner doesn't respond well to the deeper red colors, hence the poor quality of the typings.

I also had "issues" with two of my three typewriters feeding the stiff card stock through their rollers; I had to finally settle with the 1930s-era Underwood Universal. I'm thinking of making a template to print on regular typing paper, little rectangular windows I can type within. Black letters on white paper. Thin paper, the type that feeds easily.

I'm trying to avoid having to upload each typecast sheet to a photo hosting website prior to posting them on my blog; Blogger seems to limit the size and resolution of images directly uploaded from one's computer, so to get larger images on my blog I have to upload them to a hosting website first, then link them to the blog. Or perhaps it's a template issue that I haven't figured out. I'm running out of room on two of my free photo hosting websites, so I'm trying alternatives. The idea of note cards was to only type one or two paragraphs per card; then when uploaded they would be adequately large to easily read, without having to go through a photo hosting service. Oh well; back to the old drawing board.

Post-Post Script: The beauty of typecasting, like any Luddite-laden activity, is that you get to redo it if you want; it just takes more effort. I decided, therefore, to make a typing template for 3x5-sized frames, using Paint Shop Pro, printed onto plain white paper. I retyped the text of this article, then uploaded the scans to my photo-hosting service at just the exact size and resolution needed for the blog, to minimize bandwidth consumed. A bit easier to read I think.



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Great pictures! Thanks for posting.

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