Monday, February 22, 2010

Ah, Ajo! (Part 1)

The week before last we made a visit to relatives in the little town of Ajo, Arizona, along the southern border between Tuscon and Yuma. The weather was a balmy mid-70's in the days, upper 40's at night. I brought my Lumix G1 camera in tow, along with several old Minolta MD lenses. Most of these images were made with the Lumix 20mm-F/1.7 lens, however; which has proven to be just an exceptional performer.

As in a previous posting of square-format images, the vertical compositions were made in camera, while the horizontal compositions during the cropping of the images to square format were made in post. I use the supplied SilkyPix software to process the Panasonic RAW files into TIFFs, which does a decent job.

I hope you enjoy this baker's dozen, because there's more to come; this is just warming up.



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