Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Racing Ruminations

Post Script:
My best wishes go out to the family and friends of Dan Weldon.

Spelling, punctuation and factual errors are mine.

This old Corona 4 is still in need of some additional service, but I'm not ready to spend more money on it. Might have to set her aside and begin using the Lettera 22 again.



Blogger Cameron said...

I have shared many of your thoughts about this event.

I might add that not only are the drivers attracted to the dangers of this sport, but so are the audiences actually there (in addition to the couch-surfers, of course, which is MUCH less dangerous).

By the way, it is always fascinating for me to read your descriptions of ALBQ in the old days, because my oldest brother was stationed at Kirkland beginning in '67, and he lived there until 2001. As a visitor, I saw many changes to your town, and I can only imagine what YOU have seen change there over the years.

It is still a magical place.

7:42 PM  

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