Sunday, June 10, 2012

Typewriting as Artisanal Printing

Olivetti Lettera 22

Artisanal Printing 2

POSTSCRIPT: Again I continue to experiment with photographing my typings under some sort of improvised lighting setup and process & upload via iPad, in an attempt at bypassing the desktop PC and scanner. In this case, it was with a mixture of window daylight and tungsten, hence the funky white balance. Still a work in progress, and doesn't do the concept of artisanal typing justice.

(Olivetti Lettera 22, Lumix G1 + Lumix 20mm lens, iPad2 + Filterstorm)


Blogger Richard P said...

I'd never thought of typewriting in quite these terms. I like your take on it very much. When typing, we are crafting a unique product -- yet we do so with a machine that, to a large extent, standardizes the appearance of each letter. Maybe it's this combination of standardization and uniqueness that gives typewriting its special charm. The appeal can't be replicated, but only suggested, when we photograph or scan our typecasts, or when faux typewriter fonts create the illusion of typewriting with a computer.

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