Friday, September 21, 2012

Yahoo News Type Cast

I was emailed, a week or so ago, by a young lady who runs a blog, and is also a journalist. She asked if I could supply her with an image of a manual typwriter typing, of a particular phrase that she supplied. I obliged her, quickly hammering out the phrase on my Remington Ten Forty, scanning it and emailing it to her, in a mad rush late in the evening after work. Then I thought nothing about it until today, when she emailed me with a link to her article, for Yahoo News, about how analog technology continues to mysteriously defy the onslaught of the digital. It was a good article I thought, and I was pleased to see my little scanned typing in the article, too, imperfections and all.


Blogger Richard P said...

A good contribution to the insurgency!

I like the article and am curious to learn more about The Analogue Conference.

8:02 PM  

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