Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Once Fresh Dreams of Youth

P1010071a Typecast056 P1010065a Typecast057 P1010067a Typecast058 P1010069a Typecast059 (Written using iAWriter on iPad2, typecast via Corona 4 on endless roll of paper, photos via Lumix G5)


Blogger Strikethru said...

Hi Joe, great post. I think about this topic often, it's more of a poetic concept that's hard to express, this arc of generations, and the slow fade of idealism into realism and then decay. I think you start to feel it as early as 40, at least, I am! The hope and or romance of youth seems so compelling and vivid at 20 or thereabouts that when you are old enough to realize its sort of based on hormones and circumstance, you feel a little let down... ha. But then the solace is in learning what is meaningful after that initial disillusionment.

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