Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Royal Futura 800

P1020642a Typecast076  
Post-Script: The platen is a bit hard and shiny, but the feed rollers appear to hold the paper tight enough so as not to slip at the bottom of the page, even when tugging at the paper; this is one of the first things I checked at the antique store prior to purchase. It will need more cleaning and a bit of work around the ribbon vibrator, along with a fresh ribbon.

I really like this font style, not entirely futuristic but merely subtly modernistic, would make a good science fiction-writing font.

P1020640a This is the brown leather case, with green garden hose handle. The case is in quite good condition, and also came with the key (that was found trapped inside the typewriter's mechanism). The machine also came with a clear vinyl cover that reads "Futura 800," along with the thick felt typing pad that you can see under the case.

P1020643a And this is the Solari brand, pica-sized typing gauge, which was in the case with the elite-font Futura typewriter. The label reads "Solari Manufacturing Co., Los Angeles, California". The near edge reads "PICA TYPE WRITER SPACES AND INCHES," while the rear edge reads "PICA SINGLE SPACE TYPEWRITER LINES". The raised tab with the "Pica" logo has a small hole for mounting the gauge on a string or nail.


Blogger Cameron said...

What a great find, Joe!

The typeface is excellent.

Your Royal's design and overall good condition reminds me of my recent thrift store find, an Olympia SM7. Probably similar '60s vintage.

The case is cool too, and that pica-sized gauge is interesting! An unexpected bit of ephemera.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Rob Bowker said...

That's a really nice font. Sort of half way between ancient and modern.

3:39 AM  

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