Sunday, January 13, 2013






Post-Script: The cost of processing and printing these images amounts to about $1.35 per image, but they're printed to 5"x5" size onto luster-finish paper, and my local lab (Picture Perfect) does a much better job than, say, the pharmacy.

The tiny bits of dust and whatnot are from the glass of my flatbed scanner, which badly needs a cleaning. I directly scanned the finished prints, rather than posting scans of the negatives, so in person these are even sharper than they might appear on your screen.

The Holga 120 GFN has a built-in flash, which I've yet to experiment with, but might prove promising for night-time and indoor images. I just ordered some 100-speed 120 color film from Lomography, so I'll have more film soon with which to experiment.

My local Urban Outfitters doesn't seem to stock 120 film these days, only 35mm, so I'm relegated to waiting for sales specials from Lomo.

Typecast via Underwood Universal onto 6" wide, (nearly) endless roll of paper. NEROP?


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