Monday, June 10, 2013

Not Just Another Camera Bag

P1040700a(Sitting at the ready)


P1040704a(Fully Deployed)


Post-Script: I wonder if people interested in other specialty fields obsess over gear the way that photographers do. Like, do painters have bare-knuckle brawls over the merits of red sable versus Siberian Lynx brushes (I made that up), in the same way that photographers (and mere gear fondlers lacking actual talent) fight over the bokeh quality of seven-bladed apertures or rare, exotic Japanese rangefinder lenses from the 1950s?

In the grand scheme of things, this field bag purchase was a modest investment, and nothing more. But as an item to make more functional the tools of one's craft, it becomes a big thing to the insider specialist craftsman.

Here's a link to Fox Outdoor's complete selection of tactical-style bags. Enjoy.

(Typecast via Corona 4, photos via Lumix G5)


Blogger Ted said...

Nice mobile kit. very manly too! :D

9:45 AM  
Blogger astrobeck said...

That is a nice bag! My current favorite is made of canvas and works pretty well considering it's on the thin side. It's made by Rothco and has held up pretty well so far.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Rob Bowker said...

I used to tote my gear around (back in the analogue day) in a hefty Billingham. I'd coveted it, you see. It was great for car or motorcycle transport and like you say, you just grab it and go. Spare film, meter batteries, business cards, pen and paper for note making, a grey card, a hotshoe spirit level - the lot. It is still the resting place of a couple of Nikon 35mm bodies, lenses, flash and filters. I have another bag for DSLR kit, which I rarely carry - it doesn't take a tripod though there is a nice sleeve for a laptop !?. But having recently got a nice sompact but sturdy tubular tripod, I can now pack it, a B&S head, a panosaurus head, the DSLR with wide angle lens attached and a lens hood all into my everyday rucsack. It isn't padded but I just can't carry a shoulder bag after an expensive visit to a chiropractor left me in no doubt that an unbalanced load wouldn't do my back any favours. I did used to use an old trout fishing bag - built like the Billingham of waterproof canvas with webbing strap and leather and brass buckles. With a length of custom cut closed-cell camping mat, it made an excellent 1 or 2 lens + SLR bag.

11:49 AM  
Blogger Arslan Kulachi said...

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6:03 AM  
Blogger Arslan Kulachi said...

That is a nice bag! My current favorite is made of canvas and works pretty well considering it's on the thin side.
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6:03 AM  

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