Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reflections on a Personal Archeology



Post-Script: Related to this bit of personal archeology is my personal history of involvement with the typewriter, a subject for another day. Yet the time period explored in this piece is when I first gained appreciation for the typewriter as a standalone mechanized writing device that can function in one's life separate from the role played by the personal computer. I had begun to enjoy manual typewriting as an aesthetic all unto itself, whose value only increased the further time passed from the age of mechanized type to the age of information.

The top photo I unearthed (once again, more personal archeology) from a once-forgotten portable hard-drive upon which I had, at some time in the past, backed up some important image files, this one being from the mid-2000s, a still-life composition recorded in a pinhole camera. Typecast via Hermes Rocket. I did some manual cut-n-pasting (actually, cut-n-taping) in this piece, to remove several errant paragraphs rather than retype the whole piece.


Blogger Rob Bowker said...

I don't have your blogging longevity but I do get the feeling that what often starts out as one thing (a journal, a soapbox, a scratching post for that creative itch) can evolve and serve a different purpose. Summer of Love in the Typosphere?.... I'm going to have to do some archaeology of my own.

4:31 AM  
Blogger michaeliany said...

Very interesting - I enjoyed reading your investigative look back. 2006 - thats awesome!

12:21 AM  

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