Sunday, September 14, 2014

That Time of Year

P1090979b"Leaf," Paper Negative Inversion


Post-Script: The top image is what I call a paper negative inversion. It is comprised of a large format (8"x10") paper negative image, exposed in a large format box camera, then placed into a still-life setting that includes the original subject matter of the leaf and rephotographed digitally, then the tones are inverted such that the photo paper image is a positive and the original subject matter is a negative. This is a method I have developed to "positivize" a paper negative, as an alternative to merely scanning and inverting using Photoshop.

Now, onto a poem I'm including in this article, "Ninth Dream," written in November of 1981. I had sketched a drawing atop the original poem that illustrates my feelings of autumn at the time of the writing, included herein below. The poem itself I had retyped a few years later using a Royal manual typewriter that I no longer possess, but which is very similar to another Royal currently in my possession. Which reminds me of my long-standing but intermittent interest in manual typewriters, that waxed and waned over the decades until the last few years when the Typosphere came into existence.

Blog article typed on iPad 2 using Hanx Writer app and Hanx Golden Touch font style, laser printed onto parchment paper.



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Nicely written Hanx-cast, looks great too!

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