Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Back to the Future



Post-Script: A couple of print scans from my test roll, taken at the Rio Grande Nature Center in Albuquerque:


For those in a mood to hear old stories from an old storyteller, I was serving in the U.S. Navy, during the late 1970s, when I bought my first Minolta camera. Stationed on an aircraft carrier (U.S.S. Constellation; affectionately know as the Connie), we were anchored in Singapore (along with some of the Soviet navy ships whom we had been playing cat-and-mouse with, just a few days prior) when I walked into a camera store and purchased the SRT101b. As I was finalizing my decision, however, a rotund, European-looking man of middle age walked in, sized us up as U.S. Navy sailors and, pounding his chest in obvious Cold War-induced pride, announced himself in broken English: "Me, Russian!"; then proceeded to pull out a large wad of bills to pay for some camera gear. Afterwards, we figured he was KGB, purchasing some long lenses; all the better to see us with. Or so it seemed to us at the time. Ah, those were the days! H-bombs; the threat of global annihilation; bad-hair bands.

Typecast via Olympia SM9 De Luxe.


Blogger teeritz said...

Nice Minolta, Joe. I snagged another Olympus OM2n earlier this week, but it had some issues. I think I'll tidy it up a little and send it back into eBay. I want to thin out my camera collection a little to some models that actually get used. Now, if I can just improve my SLR/35mm photo skills...

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