Sunday, February 08, 2015

Shreddings 1.0



(1) I've found myself having collected a smattering of a few rough-draft typings during the last few months, that might have initially been the genesis for potential blog articles but somehow never made the cut. And so now, before I three-ring-punch and bind them away for perpetuity, I thought it appropriate to excerpt some snippets - shreddings, if you will - and compose them accordingly.

The less detail, the better; always leave them with a bit of mystery; when in doubt, cut it out.

(2) Typecast via Smith-Corona Silent; gosh, the more I use this machine the better I like it. Tonite, I watched the series premier of "Better Call Saul," on the AMC channel, filmed here in dear old Albuquerque. Beforehand was some zombie series (The Walking Dead?), which I haven't taken to watching at all, but got me to thinking that this Smith-Corona Silent could be a good Zombie Typer, for when civilization falls apart, all hell breaks loose and creepy dudes with flesh hanging off them are breaking through the windows.

(3) The Instant Box Camera Project is progressing (the subject of my previous blog article); I've just about finished the rear access door, and the more complex front lens board holder is nearly done, cobbled together from various strips of scrap wood that I found around the workshop. I've placed an order for genuine rubber-coated blackout fabric, and I need to find some Rubylith film, as a red filter for the viewing port on top. A more complete report will be due when I've made enough progress to warrant another blog article.

(4) A while back, I wrote about sending a typewriter to a friend in Texas; well, he's not only using the Royal Futura 800, but has now started his own blog, here. He's quit a fine writer, and is linking the theme of his blog to a cross-country bicycle ride he intends to do this year. I find it interesting this connection between manual typewriters and bicycling, as a few other typewriter bloggers also are avid cyclists. Please do give his blog a visit, and support him in his endeavors.

(5) Top photo via Lumix G5, a slide viewing light box and a bag of excrement from the paper shredder. Oliver North-style.


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