Saturday, September 05, 2015

The Narrative

Bryce Canyon

"The Narrative"

Post-Script: What's made this trip even less stressful is that on some days I've relinquished driving duty to my wife, who is happy to do so, while giving me a break from always having to be in control. 'Cause that's how us guys can get at times.

Although there are moments when I still want to believe in The Narrative.

Photo via Lumix G5, typecast via Hermes Rocket. And today we met another couple from Switzerland.


Blogger Bill M said...

Government narratives are the silliest at P.C. When the narrative misses a point about the foundations of our country or a particular place and questions are asked usually the park ranger or guide start to stutter. I like to reflect on the truth as to why one cannot use the stairs in the Washington Monument any longer. Park Service excuse is terrorists. The real truth is visitors may be inclined to read the inscriptions at each turn.

Bryce and Zion are 2 of my wife and my favorite places in Utah.

11:40 AM  

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