Friday, April 01, 2016

Brother From Another Mother?


Post-Script: Now that I'm on my work shift, I've let this newcomer to my collection sit out in my Man Cave shed for a few days, so the PB Blaster odor can dissipate a bit. I do like the way it cleaned up, considering how filthy it was on its insides. I suspect there's still just a bit of gunk still in the carriage rails, as there's just a bit of non-smooth, subtle grinding happening.

The type slugs cleaned up fine, but being as the typeface is small (elite), the loops in some of the characters, like the lowercase "e", tend to clog easily. This might be due to the ribbon, which is one of the two it came with. If this problem persists, I'll try changing the ribbon.

Beside the body color and typeface differences, the ribbon color selector only has an upper and lower position (along with the stencil setting), not the middle, yellow position like my blue machine. (I mean to say that the yellow setting doesn't move the ribbon into a unique, middle position. Perhaps an adjustment issue? Hmm.)

As I indicated in the typed piece, I don't yet know if this one stays or gets sold. I do really like the serif typeface, very elegant.

Now, onto a different topic. I'll be in Tucson, Arizona, this next week. I intend on taking a typewriter and video gear, with the intention of doing at least one Typewriter Video Series episode while on the road. Part of this depends on whether I can, in the next day or two, figure out how to transfer my .WAV sound files, from my digital field recorder, directly into the iPad. Up until now, I've had to use iTunes on my PC. But I understand that if a person installs the Garage Band app from Apple's store, it gives the ability to import such sound files directly to the iPad. Does anyone out there have any direct experience with this? Otherwise, my option will be to have to also take my laptop with me, onto which is installed iTunes.

Since I'm an old geezer who doesn't do Facetunes or Instablab, does anyone know of any typewriter or typosphere contacts in the Tucson area, who'd like to do an informal meetup? I'll be in town from Monday through Friday. If so, just email me.

Finally, I was pleased to have been mentioned on Rodja Pavlik's blog, here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet to see one in the wild (must remember your tip about the clips just in case one comes my way, ideally a blue one with that serif typeface).

1:23 AM  

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