Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Typing Assignment No.16

Assignment Number 16 in the Typing Assignments Series is to find a personal artifact and use it as the subject for your one-page typewritten piece. The artifact can be any object you find interesting, even including a typewriter! You can write about its actual history; or merely speculate. Write a future-based piece including the artifact, or something totally imaginative and made-up.

What I'd like to do with this assignment is also have you submit an image of the artifact itself. Try to shoot the image in flattering light and well-focussed, and please make the image in landscape mode (i.e. "horizontal"), so it'll fit better on the 16:9 YouTube screen.

Post publicly-accessible links to both the image of your typed page, and the object itself, to the comments section of the above YouTube video; or, alternatively, email me the two images at: The deadline is April 29. I look forward to reading your work and seeing what artifacts you used as subject matter.



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