Wednesday, October 24, 2018

What, More Hand-Built Tripods?

The three tripods together as they'll be used for tabletop video production.


The aim of this project was to build two accompanying tabletop tripods for my video light and monitor, each using a triangular base with vertical support column. Instead of making an equilateral triangle for the base directly from something like plywood, I fashioned two square sticks together in a T configuration, of the appropriate length, such that the ends of the sticks form an equilateral base. Rubber faucet washers are used under the ends of the base for support feet.

These ended up being very lightweight, as you can see in the video, linked below. I find they're more manageable on my desk than a single large tripod with a heavy cage for all the gear.

The 17" tall tripod, with 10" wide base, for supporting the Viltrox video light:

The smaller 14" tripod, with 9" base, for supporting the Lilliput monitor:

These tripod heads use a block of wood, with the vertical support dowel glued in place and an eyebolt used as a 1/4-20 mount: P1020172

Here's the video about this project:

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Blogger Bill M said...

Nice work on the tripods. I bet it is a lot of fun making and using them. I generally adapt my extra microphone stands and booms or small camera tripods when I need a special camera or lighting mount.

7:37 AM  
Blogger Ted said...

Very nicely put together (:

10:52 PM  
Blogger Tracy B said...

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