Monday, June 01, 2020

Sunday Morning Typing

Adobe Rose

I spent several hours cleaning and adjusting Adobe Rose. I removed the side panels of the carriage to do some cleaning, then removed the platen and feed rollers, scrubbing them with alcohol so as to get a bit better grip on the paper. She'll be needing to get the rollers and platen covered in new rubber at some future date.

I also spent some time doing subtle adjustments to some of the type bars, to help correct some misalignment issues. It's not perfect, but better than before.

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Blogger Bill M said...

Beautiful typewriter.
We watched the launch and later the docking. Reminds me, also, of the early launches, Alan Shepard, Jphn Glen, and finally the mission to the Moon and later the space shuttle. ( I hope I spelled every name correctly) For the first time since leaving FL we wished we were back so we could see the launch like we did so many shuttle launches. Cloudy up the coast though so we'd have missed it. Night launches were vantastic. Just as loud, but blindingly bright.

I do remember those old consoles, Zenith, hand wired. All brands were at one time; like the old RCA tin cased B & W we had when I was very very young. Those hand wired ones were fun to repair. When I worked at RCA it was pull and replace boards. That took all the fun out of repairs.

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