Monday, September 28, 2020

Birthday Hike, Beer & Tacos

Rio Grande Autumn Color
“Birthday Hike, Beer & Tacos” Part One
Pez, Hard Cider & Beer
“Birthday Hike, Beer & Tacos” Part Two

During our hike we found a Pez dispensor in the underbrush. My wife was concerned some young kid would be missing it, but I assured her that it was a surprise birthday gift!

My grandson ate six tacos, along with nachos and salsa. Oh how I remember those days of youth when nothing could squelch one's appetite!

This last Sunday we had a great time online with Gregory Short of The Poor Typist blog and YouTube channel, where we had our third weekly Live Stream. We were blessed with the presence of Ted Munk, along with artist and poet David Pedersen and fellow typewriter aficionado Sarah VanAllen. Though the topic at hand was Does Size Matter?, referring of course to typewriters, most of us agreed that we mostly collect portables. I failed to mention during the live stream that, though I don't have the room for a full size standard machine, my experience with the Olympia SG3 this last year was a revelation, in that the physical bulk of the machine, how it's sheer size fills your field of vision, serves to eliminate visual distractions, helping to focus the writing experience upon the work at hand. Also, the print position is higher above the keyboard than with a portable, meaning it's more efficient to touch-type with, otherwise you'll constantly be switching your vision between the keyboard down below and the page higher up.

Next Sunday's live stream promises to be on the topic of typewriters and travel. That should be fun, as I've had a bit of experience with this. I hope you can drop in. Visit Gregory's YouTube channel for details.

Typecast via Olivetti Underwood Studio 45.



Blogger Bill M said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Mrs. Van Cleave!
Sounds like she had a wonderful birthday outing.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Ted said...

You know how to show a girl a good time, sir! (:
See you on Sunday @ Typewriter Club - I'll be setting up some of my favorite traveling typer gear to show off.

2:50 PM  

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