Monday, September 14, 2020

Late Night Musings

Olivetti Underwood Studio 45
Late Night Musings Part 1
Olivetti Underwood Studio 45
Late Night Musings Part 2

Of course, I cropped in on the typings so you could read them easier, hence why you don't get that wide margin aesthetic that I promised!

I really enjoyed writing on the Studio 45. If I take my time and type with my own personal, comfortable 2-fingered technique, it seems to work fine with few, if any, problems. And, as I mentioned, it's an excuse to spend more time with it, to develop that intimacy required to become adept at its use, that cybernetic melding of man and machine (linkages and typebars becoming extensions of tendons and muscles).

It's also further reinforcement to the suggestion that perhaps I really do like 12 CPI elite typefaces better than pica, considering the other Olivettis I once owned were all pica, and I didn't get on with them as well. Live and learn.

I do have some ideas for fashioning a makeshift "case". For one, I have a padded, insulated, zippered picnic bag with carrying handles. Something like that, with a cardboard insert and padding for extra reinforcement, would permit the machine to be stored sitting up on its rear panel, easy to grab - and - go. Second, find a vintage suitcase and add extra foam padding. Third, a custom-built box. After all the effort I went to making the box for the Nekkid-Riter Hermes 3000, I'm not sure about the custom box. But I'll let the thoughts stew around in the crock-pot of the mind and see what ends up.

Stay well and keep typing.

Here's the video review of the Studio 45:



Blogger Ted said...

Some replies:
1) I used to only keep Elite machines too, then grew fonder of Pica later, and have regretted the Pica purge of my early collecting. But then, it's not like it was all that hard to find more Pica machines, so there's that. :D

2) I enjoyed the Live Poor Typist vlogcast, it pretty much seemed to go the way type-ins do. I hope to join in next time, if I can get my webcam working again.

3) I'll email ya some pages on the Lettera 32 escapement. it's the same as the Studio 45.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Gregory Short said...

That typeface alone makes that a keeper, not to mention the stunning color. What a wonderful find. I mentioned my Lettera 25; the nicest thing about it is the shoulder bag, leatherette with racing stripes, very European. The keys are very compact, close together. It takes an adjustment getting used to typing on it. But it's reliable, if nothing else. A bit rattly, but not a horrible typing experience. The boring all-tan color makes me seriously consider painting at least the ribbon cover. But I'm a bit of a purist and have mixed feelings about painting typewriters. Thanks for the shout out!

1:01 AM  
Blogger Bill M said...

You have a great machine there, Joe.

I seem to migrate to Pica although I do have Elite machines. I get used to saving paper with elite, and then when I switch to Pica and type a long document I lament about using so much paper. AH, but then my Mill is 9 c.p.i all upper case, double spaced, and like the teletypes at the radio stations, eats through page after page quite rapidly.

On line live video seems to be a different animal from live TV video as well as recorded video of any medium. I found out the quirks when I assisted several neighborhood teachers who got thrust into on line teaching at the beginning of the virus. It was a bit of a challenge since they never worked live on line before. This year they were able to get on line by themselves.

Happy typing on your Studio 45!

1:38 PM  
Blogger Diane Maher said...

Have you ever noticed on old letters from the early part of the 20th century that many have the wide margins? They do look nice, especially on letters with the old corporate letterheads.

3:06 PM  

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