Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sunday Stroll



Post-Script: I can see a way going forward to using the 3:2 aspect ratio image in my work, but it is a bit more panoramic than what I'm used to. I suppose in this dramatic southwest landscape, there is some appeal in the wide and flat image, even if it is an urban landscape.

The original of this piece way typed at the Daily Grind, but my Hermes Rocket experienced more problems with not carriage advancing after certain letters, enough such that the original piece was sloppy enough to be a first draft. After returning home, I took the Rocket out to the garage, took off the panels, and proceeded to "fix" the problem in the same manner I had previously with other characters, by installing 1/8" brass tubes onto the levers for the problem characters, which has pretty much eliminated the problem (at least for today). Interestingly, all of the characters I've had to do this to have their mechanisms located along the middle of the basket, which points to some underlying issue with the shape of the curved bar that they all mutually activate to move the carriage escapement. I realize I'm not a "real" typewriter repairman, and so consider this "fix" just a kludge.

Photos via Lumix G5, typecast via Hermes Rocket.

Bonus Images:










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