Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Typecasting the Grind





Post-Script: The second image was taken of the Albuquerque High School building just after it was converted to loft apartments, recorded with a 5" x 7" pinhole box camera using grade 2 B/W photo paper negatives, inverted in Photoshop into a positive image, made a few years ago. I had to dig through my archive hard drive to find this image.

Typecast via Royal Mercury. In the top photo of the Daily Grind coffee shop, to the right of the entrance you can just glimpse a view of the little glassed-in alcove where I sat. Very cozy. I plan on making many return pilgrimages back downtown to do more typecasting here. And also to drink some very good lattes.

Oh, about that term "Burque": it seems someone came up with that as some sort of hipster shorthand for "Albuquerque." I first saw it in a local free alternative newspaper, the Weekly Alibi, a few years ago. Funny thing is, being a 3rd (almost 4th) generation local, I never heard it before, nor have I heard anyone use it in conversation.


Blogger teeritz said...

Great pictures, Joe, and nicely worded write-up. As for the term "Burque", yeah, I don't understand this recent need to shorten or nickname everything. Isn't the term "Brangelina" bad enough?
And, I remember some police detective saying in an interview once; "I been a cop for twenty years and none of us have ever used the term 'perp'."

11:36 PM  
Blogger Richard P said...

What a classic high school building.

Here the pseudo-cool hip nickname for our city is "The 'Nati."

8:30 AM  

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