Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Allowances Must Be Made



Post-Script: I was surprised to find the Staples brand Okidata printer ribbon didn't fit properly over the Corona's ribbon spindles, as these ribbons work fine with all my other old manual typewriters. I had to shim the spindles with a couple turns of transparent tape, to make them large enough to grip the ribbon spools properly, otherwise the spindles will turn and the spools will slip. Not an ideal solution, which I'll have to find a better way of resolving.

For the first time since I've been its caretaker, I felt the Corona 4 performed flawlessly. I really enjoyed typing this piece in the fading light of evening, on the back porch, with the Corona 4 perched atop my lap desk. I could barely see well enough to use the correction tape.

Regarding how the girl looks "topless," those black plastic ribbon spools look rather nice. The original metal spools are a bit bent and scratched, with peeling paint, but I've saved them anyway. I might in the future respool one of these new ribbons onto the old spools.


Blogger Elizabeth H. said...

Aw, I like her swagger! Bless her persnickity little heart...

8:01 PM  

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